Tampa Bay Wholesale Artificial Grass, Wholesale Putting Greens and Wholesale Synthetic Turf
Tampa Bay Wholesale Artificial Grass, Wholesale Putting Greens and Wholesale Synthetic Turf
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Tampa Bay Wholesale Artificial Grass, Wholesale Putting Greens and Wholesale Synthetic Turf

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All our turf is back up with a 15 year warranty and look amazing year long.
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Putting Green

Our Putting Green, has a ball roll performance like a professional course while still being budget friendly. This putting green can be used both indoors and outdoors. No matter where it is, the two-tone coloring makes for an attractive look.

AGW 100 image

AGW 100

The most luxurious product in the Pro Series line. With a high density and a mix of field-green and lime-green blades, this turf gives off a beautiful, bright look.

AGW 80 image

AGW 80

AGW 80 is one of the softest products in our Pro Series line. With a carefully-constructed texture in each blade, This turf is the closest you can get to walking on a cloud. Do your feet a favor by putting this seemingly therapeutic grass in your next backyard project and lime-green blades, looks natural in all neighborhoods across the country.

Multisport image



Our Multisport mixes monofilaments with memory effect offering a great recovery. Its two shades of green give a great realistic look. It is the perfect solution for limited spaces. It is strong, durable and highly resilient. Great performance with low maintenance.


Artificial grass for the most versatile playing fields. Recommended to numerous different sports. Multisport is able to adapt to many different functions and activities.

Deluxe image



Deluxe combines its Body Shape”D” monofilament with the Softmax technology to achieve a great recovery and a natural look of the highest quality, making it ideal for every kind of garden. Deluxe, artificial turf for garden.


Special for private gardens of high standing, terraces, play areas with pets, and / or commercial applications. Recommended for areas of medium transit use.

Master image



Master mixes “C” Shape monofilament and textured fibers with root effect which maintains the fibers without letting them fall. Its high density fibers provide a lush and soft texture.


The Master model is ideal for private gardens with medium traffic, play areas with children and commercial terraces.

AGW 69 image

AGW 69

AGW 69 is one of the more versatile products made. This well-rounded turf blends in with most any landscape environment you may use. AGW 69, can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, as fringe on a putting green, and also as a surface for pets being that it is an ideal product for high traffic.

AGW 50 image

AGW 50

The use of vivid colors and realistic blades, contains a very natural and healthy look. This turf has been crafted with the intent of standing against harsh weather and the wear and tear that it may experience. Is a very suitable product for any landscape project. This product is great for high-traffic areas.

AGW 84 image

AGW 84

Designed for the modern family. This is an ideal product for high-traffic areas where the kids and family pets can play. With the bounce back design of the W Blade, this turf will give the appearance of an undiscovered terrain.

Forte image


Mix of W shape monofilament fibers and curly fibers with root effect technology which keep the monofilament fibers straight up. Our artificial turf for the bravest, made for those that want to have a tough lawn and not to worry about maintaining it. Forte is great for higher traffic applications. Forte is the “to go” Turf for big commercial projects. It will also look good in private gardens and on your home.

AGW Highland image

AGW Highland

The Highland artificial grass model is designed for the most demanding customer. The combination of “MaxRecover” and “BodyShape” technologies give you a great recovery. In addition, thanks to the “FiberFresh” technology, it reduces its temperature to achieve a fresher lawn.

Moss image


This turf contains a classic look that is perfect for low-traffic landscapes. This pine and olive green synthetic turf is soft with a very organic complexion, and has been made for those looking for a naturalistic grass at an affordable price.

Artificial Turf in Tampa Bay and Pinellas Park

Welcome to Artificial Grass Warehouse LLC, your local artificial turf installation specialists. We design and install artificial grass solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial clients. We have designed and installed artificial turf solutions for projects both large and small, and everything in between. We have been leaders in the artificial grass industry for many years and have several different solutions to offer you that range in prices and style. Artificial grass is a great solution that can be incorporated in a variety of ways.

Fake Grass That Lasts!

All of our artificial turf solutions are known for their excellent quality, durability and resistance to wear. Our products offer an exceptional lifetime, making your investment worth every penny. We use industry standard, specialized equipment for all of our installation jobs making every installation quick, simple and effective.

Residential Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial Grass Warehouse LLC’s artificial grass solutions can be used to decorate your garden, your backyard, your balcony and your terrace. Over the years, improvements have been made in design to create an appearance that is very close to real grass. Artificial turf is a more affordable solution for many homeowners because the grass does not require additional soil or digging, resulting in an installation that requires less labor.

Installing Artificial Turf Indoors

AIt is not uncommon for artificial grass to be used in interior decoration. For example, it can be used as carpet or floor rug. Artificial turf if versatile and easy to clean. It resists odors and allergens and can be repaired or replaced easily if needed.

Fake Grass for Your Lawn!

If you own a pet, you surely know the foul odors that can plague your lawn after a pet uses it. We have artificial grass solutions that will blend in perfectly with your preexisting lawn that your pet can use. These fake grass solutions minimize odors. Now you can enjoy your lawn and entertain your guests without any uncomfortable scents looming overhead. Our product is safe for pets and excellent for children. It can be used alone or mixed with real grass or even added to existing turf applications to control odors. It is a low-cost alternative for maintaining grass.

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The following are just some examples of how artificial grass can be used:

  • Sports grounds
  • Football fields
  • Soccer fields
  • Golf courses
  • Tennis courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Child care centers
  • Residential lawns
  • Condominiums
  • Landscaping
  • Airports
  • and much more

Call us at Artificial Grass Warehouse LLC today to find out about our fake grass solutions and start saving money!

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We work hard to come up with unique solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs, budgets and vision. If you would like to work with a company that has your best interests in mind, look no further. We want to help you find a way to get the most out of your residential or commercial space. Call us at Artificial Grass Warehouse LLC today to find out about our fake grass solutions and start saving money!

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